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Connecting to Facebook Messenger

2 years ago


There are currently two ways to connect your chatbot to your Facebook Page, the first one, it's really simple and all you have to do is go to your bot page > Configure tab > Setup Facebook Messenger > and click Continue with Facebook to grant us permissions.

The second way to connect your chatbot to your Facebook Page, is by owning a Facebook App. At first can be a bit confusing, but, by following these steps, can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes!


Follow the next steps to connect your Chatbot to your Facebook Page via Facebook App:


1. Create a Facebook developer app here (make sure to select Create App) and select Messenger as product.

2. Select Messenger tab > settings on the left bar, scroll down to the Access Token section and copy your Facebook Page Access Token. If you don't see your Page listed, make sure to select Add or Remove Pages to give Facebook permission (see IMG2).


IMG. 2 - Select Generate Token to see and copy your Page Access Token



Now, go back to vysbimessage bot panel > select Configure tab > scroll down to Facebook Messenger section > select Setup button > and paste the Facebook Access token as shown below.

On the same section, make sure to add a string on the Verify Token field, this can be any kind of string, it is required by Facebook for security purposes (See IMG3).


IMG. 3 Paste your Facebook Access Token on the Access Token (highlighted), enter any text on the Verify Token field and select APPLY button


Now that you have selected APPLY button, make sure to copy the verify token you previously created, you are going to need it for the next step (see IMG.3).


On Facebook Developer app, (Messenger tab > settings) scroll down to the Wehbhooks section and select Edit callback URL (see IMG.4)

IMG.4 select Edit Callback URL and paste your callback URL and Verify Token

The Callback URL and Verify Token (any text you previously created) must be pasted when selected Edit Callback URL (on Facebook Developer's App)

Remember: The callback URL is located on vysbimessage bot edit panel > configure tab > Facebook Messenger Setup 


Finally, on the same Webhooks section (Facebook developer App), select the Edit or Add webhook scopes button, located next to your Facebook Page (see IMG.4) and make sure to check the following:

  • messages
  • messaging_referrals
  • messaging_postbacks

Once done, select save and you should be able to interact with your Chatbot through your Facebook Messenger chat!


Make it Public!


If your Facebook's App is not set to public, only the Facebook's admins will be able to interact with your chatbot. Your Facebook App need to be public in order to be interacted by anyone.

Toggle the development switch (located at the top area of your Facebook's App) to Live

On Facebook Developer app, (Messenger tab > settings) scroll down to the App Review for Messenger section and select Add to Submission the following:

  • pages_messaging
  • pages_user_locale


IMG.5 Apply for Facebook's team review



Once these steps are done (see IMG.5), scroll down to the Current Submission section to proceed with the Submit for Review button and follow Facebook's required policies.

Once the review is confirmed and accepted (usually takes 1 or 2 days), you are going to be notified and anyone should be able to interact with your bot!


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