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Connecting to Website!

4 years ago


When you are ready to connect your chatbot on a website, click on Configure.

Go to Configure > Publish widget
Go to Configure and select Set Up under Publish your widget 


There are many options you would like to consider to deliver a great experience to your users, you may choose a color that represents your website or brand and we highly recommend you to check Display Welcome message bubble... This feature will display the first message (and its buttons) until the user clicks on it as shown on the following image:

You may also consider adding a persistent menu to your Chatbot to provide a quick set of default buttons. The persistent menu (if enabled) will be present during the full conversation with your chatbot. 

You can add up to three buttons and the user will be able to choose a button during the entire flow of the conversation


And finally, copy the green-colored text and make sure to paste it just before the closing body tag </body> and once you're done, that's it!


If you would like to show a different block/message rather than the default Welcome Message to your users depending on the URL, you can set some rules to do so, for example, if a user is visiting example.com/pricing, you may set a rule to show your pricing block/message instead of the welcome message to provide a better user experience.

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